Battery Charging Issue

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Battery Charging Issue

Postby flashmang1 » Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:04 am

I have just recently purchased a UV-5R V2+ from here and it has worked fine but just the other day I noticed whether the radio is on charger or not the red light stays on, and the battery does not seem to charge and light does not turn green. I suspect the docking station. Any ideas and how can I can a replacement?

I am thinking of also going to the larger battery that appears to have the charging port on the battery itself and eliminate the need for the docking station but I would like to resolve this issue anyway.
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Re: Battery Charging Issue

Postby flashmang1 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:59 am

Well thanks to the lack of response and poor customer service from this company which does not post a number to reach them at, replies to e-mails or responds in this forum I had to figure the solution out for myself, all over a base charger that cost about $10.

A little research has shown that the charger is poorly made and all I had to do was re-solder the few connections on the board. Must have been cold solder joints. After I did this charger seems to work like a champ.

And once again thank you for your lack of support. I and friends of mine are happy with the radios overall and are looking at purchasing quite a lot more but I will not be recommending them to this site to make their purchases. While your delivery was very quick and prices reasonable, your lack of customer service has seriously disappointed me.
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Re: Battery Charging Issue

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