Good Job on the Radios, Lets make them even better!

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Good Job on the Radios, Lets make them even better!

Postby KG5MKT » Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:10 am

I got my first BaoFeng 2 weeks ago a UV-5R, I liked it so much I purchased a BF‐F9V2+ to serve as a second radio last week.

I think it would be a good idea for you to add a section to the forum here so that your end users can request new features to be added to future models. I talk on a few forums where if you request a new feature the community votes on it, the more votes the higher its moved up the list. Customer input is the best way to guide you product to the top.

Just some random input on what I my self would like to see.

A BF‐F9V2+ radio packaged with the extended battery, a program cable, and a Genuine NAGOYA NA-771. This seams to be a popular combo I paid $85 to piece part it together but ended up with an antenna and battery I will not use.

I would like to see the 220-225 band added to the BF‐F9V2+ style radio.

I would love to see a mobile rig. "I currently have the first radio i purchased a UV-5R connected to a amplifier to use as a mobile"

I would love to be able to store more memory locations say 250 - 300.

I would love to see FCC Part 95 approval for GMRS bands.

The radio already works in the Marine VHF band. If you were to set up a default memory bank and lock it to the Marine Telephone requirements you could get Part 80 FCC approval and sell these as a feature rich Marine handheld!

Thanks for what you have provided thus far as I feel the product is well worth the price, and I hope to see some exciting new products of FUJIAN NAN’AN BAOFENG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD here at

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Re: Good Job on the Radios, Lets make them even better!

Postby vaiybora » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:33 am

Very helpful suggestions that help in the optimizing topic,Thanks for your sharing.


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