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The sister company Pofung was founded by the same entrepreneurs at Fujian Nanan Baofeng Electronic Co, who founded the Baofeng brand. The manufacturer adopted 'Pofung', a new brand name for the international markets. The current name 'BAOFENG', is a literal Pinyin translation of the Chinese character name. It may be difficult for many customers to pronounce. The new name 'Pofung' is easier to pronounce and more friendly to the customers in the international markets, while maintaining the phonetic symbolism of the brand and eventually all international market products in the future will gradually transition to the new brand name 'Pofung'. However, the products in the domestic market of china will retain the current brand name, Baofeng, including the web domain name.

Baofeng/Pofung Radios are one of the fastest growing brands in the industry due to their ability to bridge the gap between powerful capabilities, ease of use and affordability. These radios are dual band and designed to deliver maximum performance in varied environments. With their self-contained and compact designs, Baofeng/Pofung Radios allow you to communicate effectively across wide spectrum.

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